Pizza mozarella recipe

Pizza mozarella recipe The ultimate pair as mozarella, basilia and tomatoes. I just love it, will have to make a burger out of it later on … Pizza is Italian so this might be a suprise but it is also my favorite snack ? Well, let’s jut say i could eat pizza until i would…

Bacon burger recipe easy

Dedicated to the most “precious” meats in the universe 😉 Beef and bacon burger recipe. This is the a little bit different burger recipe than the usual. It is not as simple as putting one, two, or more slices of fried, grilled bacon on top of the burger. This is mixed. Check this out ! And it is easier, in my humble opinion.
It is also a great bbq burger idea cause the fat will dripp nicely and light up the grill quicker 😉 Personally i just like the taste af a bit burned meat.

Ramen burger recipe

So You are still into it and want to try. Good for You. The very big plus of this is that You can very easily make it a charming cousine by decorating it accordingly to Your liking.
The base is pretty usual.
The portion in the photos is pretty big, two person should feel full.

Yellow burger

If You follow the steps in order it should save You some time.

Jack Daniels Smokey BBQ sauce with arizona smokey rub

As always You are encouraged to make it in Your own idea. Those are just guidelines.
Number are made with doing for 2 people but it ofcourse depends on how big portions You will do. Making more is always easier and faster.

Avocado burger with kale

Kale avocado burger Specially for You, my idea for a green power burger with omega three and six fats. Healthy as hell, and nutritious like 3 beers on friday. Check the kale avocado burger recipe. Why is it so awesome The main idea behind linseed oil are the omega 3 fats. Linseed is the most…