Homemade lard ! First try bit failed ;)

Homemade lard

Homemade lard and a bit of a failure. This is something that i am doing for the first time ! Why lard ?

I have salt cravings… fuck sugar, sugar is bad and raises insuline… and from what i have read and etc salt is not that bad.  Given my intermittent fasting diet and window for eating fluctuating around 5/6 hours i maybe just need it. Will get my blood done in couple of days.

Additionaly it is easy to do, You can find vegetarian (and not) recipes where the bean / lentils are the main ingredient and the base. Will have to try them.  Besides i love tosts and this is great to just spread it on a hot piece of dark, brown bread. Whole wheat ! Remember !

#glutenfree #sugarless #sugarisbad #fatrulezz #fatftw 😉


Yes ! Screw the recipe format, doing it as a normal post. The homemade lard gallery !

TIME : 60 minutes while watching TV, making and snacking on some  popcorn 😉 You should be done in 30 minutes tops.

  • 500 grams of fresh lard to melt on the pan – i got only 250 cause i was not sure, it was to little, get half a kilogram at least !
  • 200 grams of bacon -preferably fat, sliced and diced
  • 3 big onions
  • 3 garlic cloves, smashed
  • 20 juniper seeds
  • 1 big spoon Rosemary
  • 3 big onions – sliced and diced
  • 1 apple – sliced and diced
  • Around 1.5 cups of cranberries
  • Salt & Pepper

The making

fresh lard cut sliced diced
Slice the fresh lard and then dice them. The smaller the better, they will transform to greaves. Remember that this is Your base , like the sauce, do not overdo with the additional ingredients cause the lard will be not enough. Remember THIS IS YOUR BASE.
home-made lard dived and sliced apple
Slice and dice the apple, smaller the pieces the easier it will be to form a unified mass of tasty lard. Also the flavour will be easier absorbed by the whole.
homemade lard bacon frying pan
What can i say. Homemade lard without bacon is like… You know … Remember to go with my favorite herb : rosemary as addition. Isn’t it wonderful ? I did this separately and then put all together with the lard itself.
home-made lard melting juniper rosemary
The homemade lard with added herbs : juniper seeds and rosemary…. It is starting to melt and form.
home made lard onion spatula stirring
Frying lard, i jsut use a medium fire , going to low at the end when all needs to go through itself. Adding onion to the frying lard and stirring once every now and then 😉
home-made lard juniper rosemary bacon
This os our DONE base. And actually a ready lard. This is still on the low fire so the ingredients will acquire each other flavours and everything will have a nice aroma. Remember about low fire so it wont get burn, stirr it well.
madedone home made lard in a bowl
This is the regulr one after pouring to a bowl and waiting until it will get colder and solid. As You can see the problem is that , in my opinion, there is not enough lard. More lard will make it easier to spread on a slice of bread. Do not worry, You can always add it to any white cheese and it will be … OMG … it will be awesome.
homemade lard cranberry juniper rosemary experiment
This one is the same as previous one but additionaly i cut dried cranberries and added them to the lard and fried on a different pan. BEWARE The cranberries, dried especially, absorb a lot of lard so it is crucial You use at least 500 grams as i stated before, cause 250 was not enough in my case. But remember, as i always tell You to . Experiment ! Make something ! Fail and ejony ! Or just use one frying pan, pour half to the bowl and add the cranberry to the mixture.

The failure and lessons learned

  • For this photos use at least 500 grams of fresh lard. As a base it should be the main ingredient, meaning there should be the most of it.
  • Beware not to burn it 🙂 I did a bit.
  • Homemade lard making gives You the opportunity to add any ingredient You want, easy experimenting.

Music to listen to !

Enjoy Your homemade lard with some healthy bread or add it to pierogi or burgers ! Let me know how it went ! Peace !

Photos taken by our friend :

Check out his shutterstock : BOKEHPHOTOS 

And the website : BokehPhotos.pl

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