Health books

All the health books and articles treating about nutritious food, medicine, kitchen and Burgers. Personally, I can recommend all of them and had read them myself. Each is residing on my bookshelf. I enjoy reading paper ( analog vetsion ;)) and can always take a look inside if i need to check something or remind myself of. And the smell of ink is like gasoline ;D

Most of those books You can read from cover to cover. Usually they are designed that way. Some of them feel free to skim the subject You really are interested in, by the index at the end. I can truly say I have gained a lot of knowledge and information from them and try to question EVERYTHING, like the saying

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

HAHA, important my ASS. But more about it WHY You can read HERE.

And by the way, most stuff i write about is also described in those book. My version is just shorter and better to digest. Besides buying books, reading them keeps You motivated, You are always in the loop and reading about the subject, reminds You about the subject. That is to be as healthy as possible.

Just start reading with what interests You. Are You more into sports, pick Venuto, anticancer pick anti-cancer. Recipes are for Jamie. Simple.

Now onward ! To the books !

Health books i can recommend.

Healing With Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition (3rd Edition) by Paul Pitchford

Now this is a fucking brick to read. SOOOO much information You can be a little bit overwhelmed. Very meritorical but i would leave it for now until You would know more about the whole world of this healthy eating and at least be aware what is the Krebs Cycle. It can be to much for You. Book  contains detailed information on what is healthy, what food and how working in/on Your body. There is the Asian part to it, which some of us would say is a little bit “esotericall” like eating food by their color. Orient medicine always had a very high standard. Asians do look kinda better then we, when they get old, so there is stuff to learn from ages of cultural development. This is a fucking bible, works best for just checking for what and why.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World by Tom Venuto

This as a very complex position about nutrition, exercise, HIIT and more. There is pretty big (at least it is my impression) pressure on counting calories. Since i don`t care for this i do not do this. I prefer intermittent fasting so i do not have to count. Sheets, tables to print all is there. Even full meal plan. Tom is describing here a full plan that is called L.E.A.N. Learn – learning and mental training. Eat-nutrition and what to eat and how. Activate – HIIT cardio. Or maybe we should not call HIIT cardio, it talks about both. New body – part about weight training.

Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber

Book is about preventing and fighting cancer with all those things we have at our disposal we do not know about. Those things like comedy movies with family, friend support we can use and eating things like curcumin (described here) with pepper. Given the spicy nature of some foods i am not surprised cancer would go away. I also wouldn`t like to live like that ;p But since it works, it works.  There is a very interesting topic about cancer and the will to live. Something like in star wars, Amidala died cause she had no will to live/love anymore since Anakin turned to the dark side. That is why it is so important to NEVER FUCKING GIVE UP. Beat this motherfucking cancer, even six time if You have to (just like Wolverine).

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver

Book is a very nicely made release of a recipe compilation. You will find breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Calories are counted for every recipe and the main nutrition values. The stuff that he used is healthy and as not refined as possible. There are also some general hints at the end. The book isn`t nearly as meritorical as others but is presenting itself very nicely on the kitchen shelf and very easy to use. Can surely recommed. As any book You will find only part of the recipes to Your liking but if You have the time You can always experiment and try new things or just make a date in the kitchen.

Paleo Diet by Robb Wolf

This book, as the title suggests, treats about paleo diet. The main idea behind this is that our digestive system did not have the time to evolve to digest and assimilate processed foods. The current dietary habits are relatively very young, given that for centuries, we had to hunt and gather. There weren`t any mcdonalds or others restaurants and we couldn’t stuff ourselves with sugar and all the sodas. It’s back to basics diet. As all other book it sends a strong message that SUGAR IS BAD and You should STOP EATING the refined version.

The fasting cure by Upton Sinclair

Full study cases and healing illnesses journal like book written by a doctor in around 1940s.