Harley Benton Rock Series WL-20BK Warlock with a recipe !

Harley Benton Rock Series WL-20BK Warlock & with a recipe !

Hail all Burgermaniaqs / Rockers. Today something totally different.  I was looking a lot for information and didn’t find much so I took it upon me myself and I to write this. The Harley Benton Rock Series review, in depth, and uboxing, is here ! Ordered from Thomann.de

This will answer Your beginners question SHOULD I ? Buy it and be happy with Your answer.

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The begining of the story

I wanted to buy an electric guitar. Why ? I don’t remember. Probably because working in a corporation 8 hours a day is boring as hell. But I do not care, the idea was just, true and it was a good one. I am very happy. Screw You Santa, i am gonna make it on my own ! Like a true Rock Men ! But  … probably i wanted to rock like Eddie Van Halen in Eruption or Dave Grohl in “Pretender” or bounce the strings like BB King. Each and everyone of those reasons is valid 😉

I wanted to share my thoughts and how i came to get this instead of that. There is, of course, a recipe at the and and a lot of music to choose from 😉

I did play an universal guitar. Is still sometimes play it. It is a mexican Durango GT-916.  Classic guitar in size with reinforced neck which allowed to put on metal strings and provided more awesome sound cause of that. The problem I had was too wide neck, I got kinda short fingers. Had a lot of problems with barre chords and etc. I did play only chords on bonfires and scout meetings and etc.  So there were couple of pros and cons for this. Mainly i thought it will be easier. And it is ! I was right !

What electric guitar should i buy ? The list.

THE ONE YOU LIKE THE MOST !! Like with girls, but here You can actually do it and not give a rats ass.

The ultimate reason to buy one guitar over the other is YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT from the first sight ? 😉 This needs to be the most perfect and beautiful guitar that You can see (and be able to pay for, or find it cheaper !! ). Go with Your heart. That reason alone why You must love it is that it will motivate You to actually GRAB AND PLAY / PRACTICE and will LOOK AWESOME. Which is the most important part, to get to play ! Get the most crazy shape You like, just remember about one thing.

The Victory (V) shape can be kinda hard to play while You sit, and You usually will be sitting while playing, training, excercising. Get something with a curve for Your leg.

I never wanted some regular strat or fender. I wanted a rockstar freaking guitar ! And i have one ! I feel much better now, thanks You fot the attention ;D


Just FYI if You want some more details (You can skip this) :

The question of coils that pick up sounds from vibrating strings is a matter of taste. My model Harley Benton WL-20BK have 2 x humbuckers. There are double coils, more suitable for rocking, metal and heavy music. The single coils (one set of metal heads instead of two in rwo) will make the guitar sound more clean and melodical. It depends on tuning, strings and how You play. Keep that in mind. ASK IN THE SHOP ! Maybe they got Your favorite, dream guitar with both humbuckers and or single coils installed.

Reasons why I should buy / get an electric guitar

  • You geto to have an awesome piece of furniture, chicks dig that
  • Every guy always wanted to be a rockstar, maybe this will be enough 😉
  • You get to play with an AMPlifier, rocking sounds. It is exacly how You imagine it
  • Amp / PC can change the sound of Your guitar if You need. Trebbles, midtone , bass. More flexibility than normal guitars
  • There is a lot of material to learn from, Games, courses and books
  • Chicks always dig that
  • Your brain will grow. (link)
  • Makes You more confident, You learn discipline, develope Yourself, new skill
  • You will learn about rock, listen to the lyrics of the songs You play and rethink them and learn from them
  • You won’t think what does the fox say cause You won’t fu.. care
  • Even if You fail , at least You tried
  • You can play on bonfires, meetings or just for Yourself

Why should I not buy / get a guitar

  • You won’t practice and discipline is to hard for You
  • You want it easy
  • You do not really want to play it
  • You do not like when Your fingers hurt
  • You do not have the space to put it anywhere (i keep my on my desk BTW)
  • Seriously, no sensible reason. The only one is , You are in debt and do not have any $. Go find a weekend gig !

Personally i think everyone should it least try it. And the bottom line is that nowdays they are very cheap and You can get a regular guitar instead of an electric one. So You do not have to buy an amp. The rundown of costs and prizes below.

Review : Harley Benton Rock Series Bundle WL-20BK (custom)

I did get a full bundle for 203 euro and had a free (20 euro ! ) UPS shipping for it ! two freaking days and had it in northern Poland. Awesome stuff. Two packages. Single package for the amplifier HB-20R (lowered from 40 watt version). Change it a bit from the default version on the thomman.de website. Added more strings, changed the tuner, discarded the strap, added pics. Check below.

The package and the money

The packages were huge. The UPD courier always friendly, they are the most proffesional company i know. He even told me that he was a bit late and he hopes everything is ok cause this was music , sound equipment. I did help him ti get everything up, signed off, shaked hands and there he was on his way. Never made myself more awesome presents in my life 🙂 Car doesn’t count.

harley benton rock series guitar packageharley benton rock series review HB-20R amp amplifier package On the right is the amp, packed in double cardbord box. Christmas xmas tape of course was a must. On the left my Durango GT-916. Look how the package is big.

  • Sizes :
  • 115 x 20 x 53 cm, weight : 9,08 kg
  • 35 x 40 x 18 cm, weight : 7,78 kg


My personal harley benton rock series bundle item list :

Total price for (this custom) harley benton rock series bundle 203.96 euro.

  • Warlock WL-20BK Guitar price was 99 euro.
  • Harley Benton HB-20R Amplifier price was  58 euro

I could left out the Sssnake cable (but is a lot better and tougher then the regular one ) , cause the guitar comes with a cable. The gig bag i probably won’t be using either, only when moving, changing apartments. But then still, i would have to pay the shipping cost 😉 I even could get along without an AMP but it would be heresy.

Guitar and amp cost 160 euro, 20 euro shipping. So You spend 40 euro more and get free shipping 😉 AND a lot of accessories. Soo just go for the bundle for more then 200 euro. The optimum prize range.

I personally get the stuff for convinience cause i am playing on my copmputer in rocksmith and can plug the guitar to my PC speakers.

As for a beginner You have everything You need to get started. If You did some mistake You can always try and :

harley benton return form unboxing

Onward ! Now to the guitar…

Harley Benton Rock Series Warlock WL-20BK

I was thinking about a BS-20BK or MB-20BK – mockingbird shape (links).  After reading reviews i just went with as awesome warlock instead. The shape was more symmetric so easier to transport. I was baffled and suprised that for 100 euro i get something like that. So why not. Always wanted to rock but now i can !

Just loved the shape and i can always, if i want, put some stickers on it or paint some flames on it. Just buy some paints and do it yourself ! The warlock guitar is awesome, You feel You just cannot suck while playing such a guitar (it would be shameful ;p). It motivates me, maybe it will You too.

Two humbucker coils , read more about the theory behind it here. Three way switch, first humbucker, middle and second bridge humbucker.

Volume knob and tone knob. Volue increases the output of the coils, makes the guitar louder and tone know cuts of higher tones (higher frequencies).

Gloss black, always laving fingerprints all over it 😉

Low action, very well made, without any Floyd bridges and etc. This is a basic, beginner guitar so do not go and jump into some exotic stuff You know nothing about. This is plain, simple, perfect to learn. Remember it is not the guitar that plays but the rocker that uses it.  Less things, les problems You will have with her.

The package

This was professionaly done, secured, air pockets filled with foil bubble and styrofoam for edges inside the package. Double cardboard boxes, soft cover around the guitar. See the pics.

The Harley Benton Rock Series WL-20BK guitar details

The frets are nicely polished, You don’t hurt Your fingers when sliding on the neck and changing frets. Detail is very nice. The knobs are plain, chromed, so is the switch, In general it is very simple construction. The guitar is quite haevy, does not feel cheap and plastic. Thomann can have it done so cheap cause they are the direct importer and distributer, no additional nodes in the process. China factory, Thomann quality check, Your place at home.  It won’t get simplier than this. This is the reason for such a low price. The strings and playing without any amp is very nice, the guitar is silent but due to my suprise sounds very melodic. You can freely practice and play chords or anything You like without beeing plugged in.


Pretty much everything safe and secure with quality check all over it. They really are the german quality of stuff. Rermember that this all was 200 euros. You really get the bang for Your buck here and everything in one place which is comfartable and easy. Straigh to Your door.

harley benton rock series quality check ticketHarley Benton HB-20R Amplifier

I was thinking about buying a Fender Squire set, which was a lot more expensive and a lot more stuff came in it so i dumped that idea. And i would not get a Warlock  or other black awesome guitar.  I would love to have some stickers on it with flames and such 😉


As a beginner and newbie after countless hours of YT checking, reading and etc i decided to go with 20 watts. Every where i have read and anyone i asked told me that 20 will be perfect for playing home and / or garden. HB-40R (40 watts) was a lot more expensive and i just did not need that power nor the additional cost. And this is very nice, playing on max tuning could make the neighbours pissed off. Didn’t want to try that.

Trebble, mid and bass works as expected. Personally i try to play as melodic metal / rock as possible and i do not hear the tones i would like. Probably i will have to work on my playing and technique and / or master the harmonics. Or change the strings. Or all at once, for now this is not an issue, rather an idea for later.

We have a reverb which is this echo like sound effect, it is not very awesome but it is there none the less. You will have to develop an ear for all that sounds, might be tricky at the begining but this whole set will give You countless hours of fun. I have aready almost 20 hours on Rocksmith and additional on Yousician.

For playing home this one is higly recommended. 10 watts is just simply to low and to small.  If You play with someone, go with the HB-40R or higher. Kick their asses !

Harley benton rock series accessories

The other things i did got to have a full working bundle.

  • Thomann CTC-50 Red guitar tuner. Works very nicely, very responsive and smooth.
  • The Ssssnake cable
  • Pick set , cause i will loose half of it in first couple of days.
  • Strings, 5 packs.
  • Millenium stand, it takes less space and i can keep it on my other desk i am not using.
  • GigBag so I can carry it around and show off Pff…

harley benton rock series tuner strings pickharley benton rock series millenium guitar stand

Those are sheep, You their shepherd

Unfortunetly, You won’t be just able to buy a guitar and rock on the next day for gigs and concert. Hard work and pracite is required but NOW we can MAKE IT MORE FUN.

So You really want to buy that suff don’t You ? Well i bought cause i wanted to freaking rock on a guitar, or eventually to impress chicks while riffing out some solos on an amp (Like, KISS i.ex.. maybe some day) . Fair point enough, learnig on Your own can be hard and dounting. There are however remedies for that !!

The internet is full or tips, tricks, beginner courses and so on. There are free, more or less expensive.  What i can recommend is in my opinion tThe ultimate one i wanted to try back around in 2012, when i was a poor student without money for a beer , yet a lone for a guitar, console and a cable, was this game !

Rocksmith 2014 remastered edition with real tone cable !

You actually can plug Your guitar to Your pc and play. You need to buy a dedicated rocksmith real tone cable, around 30 bucks / euro. It is a jack (from guitar)  to usb.  The game hears the frequenceis and tones of You play and accordingly sets You tracks to play and practice.

Learn any song You want

Rocksmith comes bundles with around 60 different songs and some DLC for free. Additional DLC costs 4 euro / dollars per song. Kinda expensive but there are steam sales 😉 And You get the practive Your favorite songs, which by the level of Your skill and time needed to rock them more or less accordingly to the game takes some time, You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg.

The lesson mode will teach You all You need to know and the basics. Very nicely done in good old style. Just see the review from a link below.

There are also arcade like games in Rocksmith that You control Your charater with strings. Really nice and helpful while practice, make it a lot more fun.

Check how it works on YT click this LINK – howto play Rocksmith.

Kinguin for the win !

You can buy it on kinguin , a lot cheaper !

So should I buy Harley Benton Rock Series bundle ?

My, myself and I say YES. GO for it, it is cheap, it is good, a lot of good reviews, awesome looking guitars, You get the whole package.

For a beginner, as a first guitar (or first electric one), DEFINETLY YES. You got a very nice looking guitar, for this particular model WL-20BK there are a lot of reviews on their website. 4+/5. You can also choose from regular ones like fenders or stratocaster types. Friends will be jealous, girlfriend also.  You get a nice amp (20 or even 40 watts) that will be enough for home playing. All the accessories are accounted for, there is nothing You have to worry about and pretty much You can’t go wrong with it.

The knowledge part and actuall learnig ? Well i propose Rocksmith and/or Yousician. There is a ton of knowledge for free out there, You just need to try it somewhere. Just banging on the strings for starters will do. Or go and grab a book from amazon or local bookstore .

The END !

Hope this will help You and You will have a ton of fun. Now im going back to playing Rocksmith and The Ramones !

Order Your Harley Benton Rock Series Bundle with any of 20BK guitars. Stop overthinking, start playing and go and make Yourself a nice metal rock devil pizza 😉 Courier will be in 2/3 days 😉 Before anything more fancy, master this.

bbq devils black pizza barbecue pentagram bacon



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