Food inspiration gallery part 1 – grilling season.

Food inspiration gallery – grilling season

It is here ! Our first gallery aka post in the food inspiration series with photographs of goodies we can make. All 100% homemade with a simple explanation of what it is. In depth recipes will come along probably but this is, for now, simply to much to cover.  Most of this is from our trip on holidays for the grilling everything we could. There is even a pineapple.

Sadly, no burgers. Did not really have the time and means to make it as perfect as i would like it to be 😉 And i WAS ON HOLIDAY and was in the mood for making some bbq sauces by myself and meat out of my ideas. In home i already made coconut burgers, but this is for the future post.

Healthy aspects

BBQ and grilling is not the best thing to actually eat. A lot of burned pieces, oils and etc. It is also very heavy on Your stomach to digest, especially with required amount of beer 😉


Let`s face it, heaving great time and getting together with Your friends, family and loved ones beats the shit out of downside of this. it is even recommended as cancer cure. All happiest people in the world say that people around them make the difference not the amount of money they have. This is how You get friends. Grill together and suffer together from a hangover 😉 At least it is one of many ways that can work 😀

Burgermaniaq recommends

I would recommend : grill and enjoy it. Do not over do it. Remember about Your friends. You really cannot get it wrong 😉

Just don’t it charcoal and really, really burned stuff 😉  Always use bear to put out to much fire 😉

Thanks for : – for awesome pictures You see below.

RockoutPub – for the atmosphere and people.

MocniWGębie – for inspiration in food crafting.

Jason Fung for inspiration in keeping Your healthy act together.  (remember that meat is not glucose-fructose syrup ;))

Bonus :

You get to see my profile in the photos 🙂 and a link to the tshirt  =>  with the Master of The Grill is HERE

Enjoy !!

Most gluten free 😉 we did try to go as organic as possible.

Grilled beef with rosemary.

Food inspiration - rosemary beef.
Rosemary, pepper and salt. You really do not anything more. Keep it all overnight in rape oil. Do it as well as You please.

Grill as it was 😉

Food inspiration - grilled cheese camembert
Food inspiration – camember cheese that is roasted among other things. The cheese inside is soooo cheesy. It melts in and out and inside You. It is NOT that healthy given the amount of calories but it makes a very good base for drinking 😉 And since it is fat it tastes just AWESOME.

Grilled Ribbs woth honey-ish bbq sauce !

Food inspiration - grilled ribs with bbq sauce honey
Food inspiration – grilled ribs with bbq sauce. As simple as it gets. Inpiration for ribs with general honey like barbecue bbq sauce. Slices with bones were magnificent. Very easy to cut and share among people. Works great with dark beer.

Plums soaked in bourbon wrapped in bacon.

Food inspiration - plums soaked in bourbon wrapped in bacon
Food inspiration – plums soaked in bourbon wrapped in bacon then grilled. They are sooo delicate and tasty You mind will be blown away. Photo made late at night. And yes it is pineapple in the lower part of the photo.

Yellow skewers

Food inspiration yellow skewers
Yellow skewers, chicken, beef, pork, You always get something new 😉 Peppers, onions and courgette. Made anyway You like them with anything You have. Just put it on the stick and go for it.

Yellow skewers

Food inspiration red skewers sausages
Really simple stuff and looks greats. Red skewers with pork sausages Peppers, onions.

Bacon wraped, swirls.

Food inspiration bacon wrapped
It is as simple as it comes. Just bacon and nothing else. A little bit of red pepper and it looks great.

Burgermaniaq in the flesh !

burgermaniaq in person
Burgermaniaq in the flesh !! Just firing up the grill. Full sun, 30 degrees Celsius. It was awesome grilling ! After 5 days i can still smell the meat and all the flavors. Yes, i took several showers.

Grilling without beer is like a divorce without a wedding. Ain’t happening 😉

Food inspiration beer rock on burgermaniaq
As the usuall, grill without beer is like a divorce without a wedding 😉 Remember to ROCK ON !!

Grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon – gluten free !! 😉

food inspiration asparagus wrapped in bacon
Simple as hell also. Asparagus wrapped in bacon. Asparagus is raw as possibly. Simply washed under cold water. Try to get smaller ones so it will be easier to wrap around. The flower is the best part 😉 Treat it like next generation of breadsticks.

Food inspiration for the future

Gallery part 2 will be coming this summer. Stay tuned and subscribe.


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