First low carbs challenge. 6 days and 1 cheat.

My first low carbs challenge week

Hi everyone, im trying my very first low carbs challenge. Since recently i am overworked and eating was my “go to” solution. I decided to start up some drastic measure. More or less of course… For one week i decided to count all cals i eat, at least to approximate and extrapolate the data o have.

I keep in mind that this will be beneficial for the rest of my life sinsce i will be aware of calories intake from particular things and we all know that those 5% can make the difference we need. In the long shot it will be worthy.

I did manage to devise my usuall food table and calories, with basic, standard amounts of it. Wanted to keep it as clean as possible with just the most usefull of informations. I don’t care for different colors paprika, i just approximate. It is a lot easier. Eventually i would eat as much food as i can easily count it 😉 So no “half” portions if i could get an accurate data from the whole thing. Like for instance.

I did not manage to get my food scale YET, but will do this in the future.

The calorie chart i used is available HERE.

Tips when You do Your first low carbs challange

  • when buying made – boxed things check the carbs, make them as low as possible
  • remember that fat is 9 calories per gram, this is a lot, but doesnt spike insuline levels !!
  • get a lot of fiber and low cal food that will just fill You up
    • cabbage
    • broccoli
    • cauliflower
    • vegetables in general !!
  • grass fed beef with little fat, just remember that the meat should not have to many white spots – fat
  • make Yourself busy ! You will forget about eating
  • Workout ! Then You can eat, but i am usually to tired and just take a nap 😉

Day 1 ~ 1000

first day of my challenge. Just rolled with it to get some motivation and not waste time. Since i am on intermittent fasting it is a lot easier, cause if i eat once a day i can caount it only once a day. More time for me. Optimize !

Homne workout, around 25 minutes. Jumping jacks, lunges, pushups, crossfit rubber strettching  – back, arms and chest.

Taking photos of a park. All on foot. Fast march.

  • 4 pancakes
  • 50 g of bacon , approx
  • 10 g of oil
  • fried cabbage

Day 2 ~ 1934

Excercise : Taking photos in the cold, a long fast walk, couple of kilometers.

  • chocolate – waffle 263
  • frozen fries from the oven – 742
  • ketchup – 60
  • linseed – 300
  • 2 x eggs – 150
  • white cheese – 200 (high protein)
  • red paprika, half
  • onion 100 g – 40 cals


Day 3 – 2538

No excercises, running nose ;(

  • Buckwheat 100 g with 1 kg of grounded beef. Burger Around 200 grams of this – 20 cals
    • Add a lot of pepper, curcuma, cayenne. Autumn is here.
  • 2 cheese slices – 45 cals
  • Blnached brocolli, onion, red paprika,  This would amount to less then 150 cals (overestimated).
  • 1 beer – 250 cals
  • Beef – 200 cals
  • Oil to fry the above ~ 150

camamile first low carbs challenge counting caloriesDay 4 ~ 1000

My throat hurst like hell, Maybe this is why my cravings are lower. I did felt it on second day, today is a lot better, craving less. But sitting all day and working DOES NOT HELP AT ALL !! Traing Your willpower people !

No lunches for the whole week. Eating twice , right after work and some time after if i still feel hungry.  A lot of spices !

Camomile and sage teas all day long. Around 3 of those. + green tea (leafs)

  • Buckwheat burgers (buchwheat and beef)
    • Beef – 200 grams – 220 cals
    • Buckwheat 30 grams – around50 cals.
  • 4 slices of cheese – 84 cals
  • boiled / friend vegetables on water, onion, paprika, zuccini, tomatoes, some pumpkin seeds – i count around 200 (top !)
  • 100 grams baked turkey – 105 cals
  • some oil and mozarella in the salad – 150

For my throat i made : garlic + curcuma + cayenne + black pepper + 1 burger (below) + vegetables. Hot as hell !camamile first low carbs challenge counting calories

Day 5 ~ 2100

Started hard,car wash, groceries and …

  • croquet with cabbage 350
  • croquet with mushrooms 350
  • salad 100

Second meal.

  • 3 buckwheat burbergs ~ 250 grams   – 300 kalc
  • 4 slices of cheese – 84 calories
  • salad and some rape oil – 100 cals

Third meal

  • Burger 230
  • croquet 300
  • bread 100 cals
  • cheddar cheese  ~ 120 (very caloric ! )
  • sauce and salad ! 100

It does suck , i was going for less. Sit around all day at home doesn’t realy work wonder ;/ You should try and get out, will have to workout hard to burn some of that.

One thought

It is very hard to actually eat and be satisfied. At least for me. Of course it does not only depend on the food. You probably heard about “eating from boredom”. It is much more to it than just eating. Beware of such traps like You sitting in home all day long, bored, at least go for a walk.

If You still have problems with wanting more :try eat a tone of boring food like a salad.

If this doesn’t help drink a tea, eat as little carbs as possible and just fight the urge. It is not that easy.

IF i will find a perfect remedy i shall let You know 😉 Will continue the first low carbs challange cause it give a very deep insight into the whole process.

First low carbs challenge summary

The BEST thing You can do is try. FAIL MISERABLY. It will still hold You higher than anyone who did not take upon them to do it. Respect. First time is the hardest, next week will be much better i suppose. The main idea is to develope awarness of what You put inside You and to control (in some level at least) the calories. It makes You look on the food description and actually recall all the nutrition and health information You already know !

Remember to do it slowly, do not rush it. Take Your time.

And remember

Even if You fail you first low carbs challenge, focus on “why” and You will do much better on the next one.

Cheers !

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