Fasting diet aka lazy diet for productive people

Fasting diet is cool, makes You feel good and gives You swag.

Fasting diet ? WTF ? Why the hell would i feel good when i`m hungry ? Let us wonder about this for a minute. There is a a lot of different varieties of those. You might heard about :

  • fruit fast
  • five day fast diet
  • two day fast diet

and many others. Below You can find a comprehensive guide. You will learn the fundamentals and based on this knowledge You will develope Your own diet. It is all about keeping the principle. How often, and or where do You wish to keep it it is solely up to You. Just for heads up meal does not matter. On a fast You will be full with a smaller amount of food so it will keep Your cals lower. Just do not enjoy refined sugar to often 😉

What is a “fasting diet” ?

Fasting can be acomplished on many layers. For instance

  • You do not eat anything – this is the most common conception behind this, strict and easy to follow. My favorite.
  • Eating only single food
  • Eliminate single “ingredient” like white shitty, cheap flour (and everything is made out of it)
  • Period fasting from half a day to couple of days or week (depends on Your fast idea)

Fasting is a very common tradition among folk and religion. It is based on our bodies ability to heal, get rid of toxins, clean our inner gut out of generaly “bad” things. In fact it can deal with most of the stuff as long as we help it. By helping it i mean at least stop fueling out body with wrong thing.

For instance Your car wipers will clean Your window while raining. But You will still have bad vision. When the rain will stop the window will be clean.

Your body works the same way. You stop eating shit and You do not feel like shit. You become what You eat is very true.  This is like THE LEAST You can do. Stop eating bad things. You of course COULD HELP BY EATING HEALTHY, but that takes a little bit more effort 😉 I know, trust me.

This is taken care of by kidneys, liver and Your whole body like responsivness to hormons, enzymes, chemicals (insuline for example).

Why it makes You feel good

So now we know the body will heal itself when given time and conditions. Dr Paul Pitchford in his book calls fasting as purifying, cleansing diet. As with everything it is better done it slowly. Rapid cleanse we can achieve by drinking veggies smoothies, fruit juices and lower our diet from heavy meat proteins and fats. Proteins and fats are usually over consume. Think abour Your diet.

What do You consume at most ? Do You feel that steak You ate is lying around You for a longer that it should ?

We should consume very balanced meals or have cycles when we eat “bulding food” and “cleansing” food. That will help our body to reach peak efficiency.

You will also feel better, I do, cause You are not that heavy all the time. You got less things inside You and Your body can relax, focus on healing, regenerating instead of managing food all the time.

Balance is key to everything, not only in diet.

vegetables, fruits < = > meat, proteins, fats


Acidity vs basicity

You body should be a little bit towards basicity. It helps You body be more alkalized which help it operate with more efficiency.  It can easier handle things that are acidic like : stress, lack of moving Your ass or bad eating habits.

PRO TIP : Try to chew Your food at least 20/30 times. Yeah, i know, to much, to slow, but this is how they write it in books / articles. It makes grains acidicity mixed with saliva more basic, which is prefered. Also the food is easier absorbed by Your digestive system cause it does not have to do all the work but has it easier since You chew it up so pretty. Also listening to classics like Mozart makes You at ease and eat slowly. It is a plus.

How do i know if I am all acid or basic ?

Well i don’t, it is up to You. Just try a different thing, more veggies, less meat. Train a bit, have a fast walk (best cardio excercise). SEARCH YOUR FEELING… You should feel empowered, have more energy.

If You feel drowsy, depresed, stressed, bad, heavy, less energetic it is probably bad diet AND / OR Your lifestyle. You should try to get more alkalized. Eat some green stuff for half a day. Unfortunetly all of that comes in a package. It is mind and body. But improvement on any of those will improve the overall.

fasting diet alkaline and acid foods

Eat, fast, sleep, repeat. Not that hard to follow i must say.

Five fasting diets to stop You over eating

1. First fast : Full strict fasting -no drinks, no food

If You are not to petite, thin, weight to little You are free to endure it. Pitchford suggests maximum of 36 hours of fast.  It is the most strict and effective way of fast. Quick results, can be to much so i would advise to start with lower periods. There were African and Native Fasting diet is old and ancient. Christians have 40 days fast written in the bible. Indian tribes that post for even 4 days. But that is boring. What it can do for You ? There is amention about over 100 years life span cause of fasting. After all, less food, less biological dna replication, slower metabolism -> slower aging. This is what i understand from this.

Variety: Intermittent fasting – feeding window.

This is my fasting diet. I am using this right now and I AM SUPRISED AS HELL. Even more given my sceptic nature to such stuff and the things i tried. What i tried You can see HERE (the big weight chart).

Main idea is to have a feeding window, mine is around 8 hours. Yours can be less. Two or three meals per day. Around 9:30 AM and next around 3-5 PM. You can read about my schedule HERE in my journal.

When i was writing this i just looked at the watch. Got only 20 more minutes of my feeding time so i will go and eat :). Be right back… Aaaaand i’m back. Continue;

You can drink Your favorite tea, water, coffe (but not with cream and sugar stuff). You can try BULLETPROOF coffe. I now drink camomile or peper mint.

The main idea is to deplete, use most of  glikogen, glucose stored in Your system. 200g in muscles, around 70g in liver. Your body will always use the easiest available energy which is glucose/glikogen (the same stuff but glikogen is a non reactive version of glucose, stored for later usage). If there is ver little of that fuel it will reach for the fat in You fat ass or beer belly on tart to BURN THE FAQER DOWN !!

Longer period without eating gives You the means to deplet these storages.


There is reasearch that says that fasting does not “destroy” as some suggests Your muscles. It can be beneficial cause Your body is healed and ready to endure some weight training. Check it out here,

2. Seconds fasting diet : Raw fruit fast, vegetables or liquids

Most of fruits and vegetables do not co op well together. We will be having a different post for it HERE. This is more of a vegetarian diet.  Preferably You consume salads and / or smoothies. You can also use powdered young shoots of barley and similar. Best is to be half of fluids are smoothies and other half is herbal tea or water. The fiber is the main compound of fruits that slows down sugar assimilation. That is why apple creates a smaller insuline response than raw sugar from a chocolate bar. For short : fat works in the same way.

fasting diet kiwi smoothie

3. Third fasting diet : Steam boiled vegetables

Eat max of 2-3 vegetables together. Steam boild them a little so they will not loose to much of nutrition values but will be tastier. Water and herbal tae as always.

4. Fourth fast : Full grain of cereal

The fast is about eating full grain of cereals or pasta with slow carbs. Dark pasta has only 35 grams of cabrs. So You can eat all the WHOLE GRAIN NATURAL BREADS, BUNS AND ETC.
It will make You sated pretty fast.

5. Fifth fasting diet : Algaes

Just add algaes to fasting foods.  They have a lot of proteins and realy make You full. Also they are like above and beyon healthy. You can read about them HERE – spirulina and chlorophyll.

6. The alternatives

Other alternatives like 2 day fast diet, five day fast diet, or the five and two diet revolve around which days do You eat differently. So You can have a five day fast diet and then on weekend eat normally. Hopefully You will not gain because of Your hungry and constantly not beeing sated. This depends on You. You should not have this problems.

The down side is like with everything new, You need to get used to it. Be mindful. Intermittent fasting meal plan example is everything based on the principle. Less sugar, use slow carbs, nothing refined and more healthy fats like plant oils or avocados. Here You do not count calories so You just need to feel good. Nutrition is the most important key.

Fast diet book

Try in the book section and order on amazon.

How to make a proper fast

  • Use clean water and fresh, organic foods, vegetables, fruits.
  • Chew the shit out of every bite and drink slowly. Not all at once, it is NOT A RACE.
  • Don’t eat until You hate Yourself. Try to eat twice / three times a day. Don’t stuff Yourself, eating slowly will make You feel full with less food.
  • Chill out, relax, drink something that will warm You up and make feel at ease.
  • Try with short periods before going “All in”. Couple of hours for example, half a day.
  • Ease in and ease out. When You are ending a fast do it slowly just eat a little more, the a little bit more. DON’T DIG IN THE WHOLE PIZZA ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.

Benefits of fasting

Below i marked my biggest benefits which i really like. Especially the morning without breakfast. Will always catch the train i am supposed to be on.

  • You spend less money on food, more money for…. good craft beer ?
  • You don’t have to eat breakfast, ergo, You do have to make it !! More time in the morning for You.
  • Eating is like optional ? So You can just work, train or do other stuff. Or You just stop wasting time for sensless stuffing Yourself  cause You are bored o_0
  • I really do feel better, You will probably to.
  • Eating realy does make You feel fuller with less food.
  • You conquer Your emotional attachment to eating.
  • To heal Your body and mind.
  • To cleanse Your body before changing a diet or some events.
  • It can help You sleep.

You can not really argue with that. There are many studies and research showing the benefits of fasting. This is just on overview, You have to dig deeper on Your own.

Do not fast if

  • Under bad, cold weather You can feel weak.
  • When You suffer from severe illness.
  • If You do not have all the nutrients or can’t currently provide it all
  • When You are having a baby or are feeding.

That’s all Folks.

REMEMBER, like with every fucking thing in the whole universe, USE COMMON SENSE. I know common sense is not that common any more. Remeber and BE MINDFUL. Try, experiment, adapt, calibrate, chagen, check again and THRIVE !

All best for You, thanks for reading. Writing this definetly helped me to systematize my knowledge.





  Here some more of YT fasting diet for You.


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