Two awesomely easy meat rub recepies.

Two awesomely easy to make grill marinates

Hi all !

Two ingredients marinates, simple, easy and effective.

Today i want to share with You my stupidly simple but very nice recipies for a rub, marinates or just a sauce that You can use to Your favorite meat / grill / bonfire party. Just do with this whatever the hell You want.

Gril meat party dark rum rub meat orange rubDark rum with grated orange peel

  1. Grate off the orange peel as instructed on the photo. Remember to have the “orange” part as well as the whiter albedo part. It will get more dry / bitter.
  2. Add rum to the grated orange.
  3. You can add a bit of oil / fat, optional. Oil will make it easier for very low fat meat to get done.

The orange can be very vibrant in this one. The rum will be just a “touch” in the taste. Try adding grapefruit if You like. Goes well with any bbq sauces. If You add more albedo it will be more bitter-ish,

Honey and rosemary

  1. Melt down the honey in a little pot.
  2. Add dried rosemary.
  3. Keep it a while on low heat and stirr.
  4. Optionally add a little oil as above.

Just pour everything into the meat. You do not need anything more i must say.  Both of those recipies You can use as a glaze. The honey will work better though. You will be able to feel that tenderloins, or any other meat is nicely covered with a sweet layer of this rub.

Gril meat party orange zest dark rum rub marinateRecommended music while cooking

As Aretha is singing and when You are cooking “You got to think about the consequences of Your actions” 😉 .

Hulk ! Smash !

Remeber ti smash the meat a bit. I had it done in the butchers shop. The meat very nicely absorbed all the flavours. The more smashed the meat the easier will be for it to come around and be nicely grilled / fried. The regular meat, straight out of the butchers may not be that good of getting done that easy.


One night is enough.  Orange rub will need some time, honey will be able to work as a glaze. Pretty much depends on Your likings.

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