A BurgerManiaq’s guide to burger crafting.

A BurgerManiaq’s guide to burger crafting – Burger craft art.

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Short version

Burger craft – You know the drill.

  1. Get some bread, bun, tortilla or something similar
  2. Eventually cut it in half, horizontally
  3. Put any meat inside
  4. Put any vegetables inside
  5. Put some sauce inside
  6. Squeeze and eat

The Burger craft – long version

Hello !

I present to You Me, Myself and I. The Burgermaniaq. This is a guide to burger crafting art which contains all the needed knowledge to make Yourself a tasty ass burger. It aims to be the best guide to burger craft art ine the galaxy, and also, the most succesfull of them all. Even more popular then Playboy.

It contains all the data, recipe details, nutrition information, alternatives and ideas that You need to get started and go in depth from that point on. On ? You ask where ? To create burgers which are exactly as You need them. They can be healthy, less healthy, with meat, with jelllo, from beans or even wrapped in a tortilla (instead of bun, less carbs and cals).

It will not however jump out of the screen and start healthy eating habits for You. But it WILL COMPEL You to think about things You put inside Your body while eating.

And the most of all, it make making burgers FUN AS HELL AND FANCY AS FCUK !! 😉

Let us begin.

Burger craft in general

The burger in general is simple. The have the 3 main parts. The bun: top bun, bottom bun and the patty. Rest is pretty much optional. Of course it does boil down to, someone could say, bread and meat. He would not be wrong. But lets face it. We DO WANT something more from it. Actually if the patty would be very juicy the bun can absorb the sauce, fat and it would be a viable solution as  an after workout snack. A lot of proteins and bun would provide carbs (just remember to watch the amount of those).

Ingredients that i will refer to is everything we put on, next to or inside the main parts. Which is pretty much all the things we can think if like : seeds on top of the bun, grounded onions or sliced pepper inside meat. For burger craft art Your imagination and sky are the limits. Or if You do not have anything to put in cause You ate it all last night after a “puf”.

Remember to look at what doYou buy. Choose the less calories version ! It takes 5 seconds to compare.

The Bun


The bun is crucial for keeping it all together. It is a binder for all the glorious experience of the burger. It makes it possible to squeeze all together and take that awesome tasty bite with all the layers of the burgers so it can then mix and provide the ultimate eating (or feeding ;p) pleasure.

In general

Here we start our burger craft art. This is the part with the most amount of carbs.  From the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA),  regular plain hamburger roll has 120 calories. A mixed-grain, multigrain, full grain bun has around 113 calories, and a reduced calorie type has only 84 calories.

Maybe it is not much but remember. Refined is bad, naturall is far better. Less calories, more nutrition values is the goal we strive for. Taste depends on how will You cook it 😉

The main idea

Is to just simply wrap it into something, so You can get Your hand on it.

You can wrap the whole burger with ingredients in a tortilla, just remember that they also have some different calories amount and pick the more healthy options. And just BTW, screw this, You can even use toast bread it You are in for it and do not have anything else.  Or screw this also and simply put it all on a plate and eat it like a sir.

No “bun” part will eliminate a lot of carbs !! Just remember that You can feel not satiated, You should always have some simple carbs. It just helps. Besides the fiber in the seeds make it easier to poop after.

That said we can always strive for having it with more seeds. You can paint some butter, spray with water on the bun and sprinkle it with some additional ingredients like.

Get a bigger bun and scratch out the inside. It should help to keep all the burger in place and not fall apart 😉

Bun toppings

  • Linseed  – love those, a lot of omega 3 (different than the fish version but also awesome)
  • Poppy seed – a lot of vitamins and calcium
  • Sezame – helps fighting with melanoma and leukemia
  • Cranberries – highly anti oxidant
  • Spray with limon juice – counters acidicity of meat and has a lot of vitamin C
  • Cinamonn -alone is pretty bitter, works nicely with meat making it a bit more dry

Less calories and more nutrition values is the goal we strive for.

The Patty crafting

Burgers on sheetIntro

The most important thing. Burger craft is a wide definition. We can narrow it to patty crafting. Personally i find it boring to have just simple meat in it. Of course it is still awesome when a juice grounded beef is dropping with all the sauce and fat but i do like to make my food a bit more fancy.  There is an opportunity here to get Your creative side to work for You and go with it.

I will not write anything about meat type and animals You wish to consume. Just in general. If You want to make it from grounded beef, make it happen. If You want a beef neck chop instead of a patty or a chicken breast , then go ahead !! Show me Your crafted burger later and write how it tasted. (i will be making a beef chop burger in rum burger next).

In general

Is that this patty is simply MEAT or something else. But it is the heart of a burger craft dish. Without the patty it will be just a sandwich. But with this it does becomes something more, A BURGER.

Patty base :

  • Grounded meat
  • Chops – from beef or chicken breasts
  • Legumes – mixed beans and lentils, corn

lentil bean burgerFor this burger craft guide this covers almost any possible scenario. Inside the patty mass which will be then formed and shaped into burgers, You can pyt anything. Literally anything You like. If You want some sour taste add grated limon skin or orange. BTW i think citrus fruits work great with meat, but just a dash of them.

Without the patty it will be just a sandwich, with the patty it becomes something more,


Patty additions

Ingredients ideas to add to the patty are unending. Preferably it is everything that You cannot easily put on the patty. Like seeds, small vegetables and / or  fruits. We can add something to our fundemtal patty just to make it more pretty and more tastier and healthier. There is always the possibility to slice and chop anything You want or even put popcorn in it. I know, crazy as hell but i want to make You think without borders. Be creative ! Cooking is fun as hell !

Be creative ! Cooking is fun as hell !

– Burgermaniaq

Just some of the ideas :

  • Chopped garlic
  • Linseed or any other seeds for that matter
  • Rosemary !
  • Cranberries
  • Bacon bits ( did it ! )
  • Friend onion with bread crumbs
  • Spices – pepper, salt, basilia (works with tomato sauce !!)
  • Grated fruits or chooped bits

red hot chili burger meat


pineapple bbq sauce burger guide burger craft artThe sauce is not necessary but it also adds to the whole spectrum of flavours that You can experience while eating a burger. More ingredients also cheat Your mind and You think You ate more that You actually did. Spicy, flavoured food helps You eat less. Something to remember when You are on reduction diet and loosing weight.

Beware all sauces that are “rich” in sugar. They can have a lot of  simple carbs. Given the burger composition, a lot of proteins, fiber and fat, the sugar is absorbed more slowly. It helps us with lowering the insuline response.

Base for a sauce

  • Vinegar
  • Tomato paste
  • Mayonnaise

Most of barbeque sauces i know, have their “bbq flavour”, this familiar taste, acquired from the vinegar 😉 In the sauce You can use pretty much anything You like. From red hot chili peppers to pineapple and brown sugar. Use things You like and / or would want to have in Your diet because of health benefits. For instance think about algae based bbq sauce, very healthy. Personally did not do it but will have to try it out and make something out of it 😉

The smoky taste

  • Use the grill to cook 😉
  • Use smoked ingredients or sauces. Just use the falvor from something else.
  • Smoked beer
  • 2-3 stripes of bacon (without fat)
  • Molasses

More ingredients cheat Your mind to thinking You ate more, so You do not overeat.


The last part of forging a burger are the ingredients You add besides the bun and the patty. Usually those are things like lettuce, tomato and onions. Let’s not be so narrow minded 😉

  • Lettuce  -pick a different one like ice or rome lettuce.
  • Add fresh spinach or other green leafs
  • Onions, white and red.
  • Tomatoes – fiddle around with different flavors.
  • Bacon !
  • Other meat.
  • Cheese ! Love blue ones.


The most important in really having a great burger is the consciousness and awareness of what did You pick. When You buy some fancy tomatoes flavor remember to look for its taste when You are eating the burger. Be like a sommelier, epicure, gourmet.

You added a lot of bacon ? Focus on it and enjoy the taste !


You should use the whole spectrum of colors if You have the possibility. It will provide You with the whole range of nutrition values. Also it looks super cool and tasty with all the rainbow colors on Your plate.

Issue i find here is that the burgers usually just fall apart. There are so many stacks of vegetables. The previous idea with a bun is one of the best i know. Try to remember about it when You will be building Your tower. Have in mind that people would love if the burger would stick together 😉 Anyways I definetly wood ;p

Cheese !

Melting the cheese can be a struggle. Below You have my personal ideas on howto make it as painless as possible.

  • Frying – when You fry the other side just put the cheese on the patty. You can add some water to the frying pan and cover it with a lid. The water will boil and the steam will melt the cheese. You should be done in like 2-3 minutes. You can try to do it without water but it can be slower.  Take Your time 😉
  • Baking in the oven – just add cheese for the last 2-3 minutes. The oven will be hot, You can even be done in 1 minute. Takie it out and prepare the rest.
  • Use grated cheese – thin slices of cheese will melt easier.

Which cheese to use ?

I love cheddar and golden blue cheeses. I adore the yellow / golden color. Try and experiment with different kinds. Cheddar should be the most familiar from different burger restaurants and etc.

Try some with spices or some aged things or even go with gorgonzola !

Grated works great cause You can additionaly add it to the burger if You like. Does not have to be melted.

For generic ideas check it here : Melting cheese on YT

Bacon and other meat

This is a no brainer. If the patty is not enough You can alway add fried slices of bacon. Usually i would go with friend slices of any meat but i can recommend very spicy and / or aromatic meat. You can for instance try chorizo which works great for the color and fat that is melting from it and covering everything in a wonderful orange hue.

Calories !

Citing the most common belief about calories :

  • fats – 9 calories per gram
  • proteins – 4 calories per gram
  • carbohydrates – 4 calories per gram
  • alcohol – 7 calories per gram

Given all the information i can’t say to You what is the best for You. Just consider that everyone is different. It is also a lot easier to eat 50 grams of refined sugar in a waffle or chocolate then 50 grams of fat 😉 Fat doesnt make Your insuline spike also.

Usually the burgers i craft have from 500 to 1000 calories. If You strip the bun and eat the veggies and the meat You are saving Yourself from aroud 120-150 calories. Depends on how big the bun is.

You can grill Your meat – less fat. Buy meat with less fat in it. There is a whole bunch of ideas that You can cut Your calories intake a little bit here and there. Just remember to be aware that You maybe do not need the extra olive oil on Your pizza, or that double cheese topping with some additional dip on Your burger. Do not go starving but eat more slowly and skip bit by bit.

About eating lower calories : we want to make it a habit, not a one time thing.

Last thoughts on burger crafting and the END

With burger craft You can just make some sandwiches and make a really state of the art, beautiful burgers. You can have a date in the kitchen. Crafting can make Your creative side pop and feel acomplished after making burgers for the while family. I personally love it, with a boring job things like burger craft and crafting naything are creative and fun. Try it out. You got nothing to lose.

“Burger crafting worked wonders for me.”

– Burgermaniaq

This guide should inspire You and give a push to making Your own great, tasty burgers. Also remember of what do You eat and why do You eat it. For instance You crave and eat chips cause of hard word and dopamine spikes given from salt makes You feel better. BE AWARE. It should help You a lot in achieving Your goals.

Homemade burger crafting experiments

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