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Burger maniaq logoAbout Burger Maniaq reason (s). Welcome !

Burger maniaq resons. My reasons are as follows. Long story short i got fed up. I just simply want to have a better, healthier life. And at last, grow my FUCKING ABS. This will help me achieve this. For my sake. This is one of the main goals for 2017. I do workout but getting shredded and just lifting is NOT the same.

When i will be dead i want to remember that i did manage to do it at least once in my lifetime. And yes, it will make me feel awesome. Still, the struggling and hustling forges charater. Those are most IMPORTANT VALUES in my opinion. People who struggle and know hard work have my RESPECT. Keep going folks ! Grab Yourself a burger from time to time, You`ve earned it .

Overcoming obstacles and truly commiting will make the victory so much sweeter. Since I am already on this road “down to greatness” i wanted to make use of my knowledge and sort it out. All the books, articles, magazines, experiments and YT videos i watched started to shift my perspective. Here You will be ab

le to find my point of view on the subjects i mention below.

Question : Why Burger why maniaq

Answer : Burger (s)

We all love burger, like a “quarter pounder with cheese”. Why not make it healthy and fun ?

The site helps me keep to my plan and stick to the ideas. You will be able to benefit from the fruits of my labor.

I never liked to make food anyway. I could really settle for

Love efficiency

on the other hand i actually eat less and started to enjoy making food with my mom on saturdays. Having more time does make it easier to prepare something tasty, nutritious and healthy and the same time. Also it is a great activity to make with people You like, care about or some hot chick You want to bang.

Why bother and what`s in it for You ?

If You are at least a little bit like me  or agree with any of above statements, You will find here resources to Your liking. Whatever it is. Motivation, recipes and ideas to get You going while You have nothing left in Your tank.

Post types You will find

Those are general guidelines on posts subject that You will find on the site. I encourage You to write to me about things You would like to me analyze and i can do it.

  • Healthy recipes – all made in my smal kitchen, not some huge, 50 square meters tv studios where a family with kids could live. I know the struggle of space vs time.
  • Nutrition information and the reason WHY should You eat THAT and not THIS – will backup my data with sources, books, articles.
  • Kitchen tips and tricks – how to make life EASIER.
  • Healthy eating and living articles – just general guidelines on WHAT SHOULD YOU try to get better and better.
  • Training tips – it`s like, how can i do 100kg deadlift while 50 kg rowing is to hard for me and why should it be a little more ( proper posture, muscle development standards)
  • Stuff that You can buy so life will be easier – affiliates link to stuff You could like

Remember that there are always lessons You can learn, it depends only on You how do You perceive everything


The Maniaq

Quickly a little bit more about me.

  • 29 years old
  • 168cm
  • 68 kg
  • Small but crazy, skinny but a Bull.”
  • Struggling and hustling daily to make my life as i want it to be.
  • IT developer, so i do sit 8h+ in front of the desk daily. This will make my vision so much “realistic”. I`m not a bodybuilder that just simply lives out of looking good and can spend half the day on the gym. In that case optimizing everything is crucial.Don`t judge but i do think it is easier to look awesome when You are a sportsman…
  • Forest and bonefires lover.


Here is that. I would like to WELCOME YOU to my world and hope the best for You. If anything will help You PLEASE let me know. Dopamine and oxytocine will make me feel better, and You ! Those are the hormones that spikes after sending and thanks You note or clicking a like for someone else. Will write about hormones and put the link here 😉

You can also :

  • Ask my questions and i can do an analysis of the case for the next post. Preferably on the email, it`s easier to track it down.
  • Give me ideas on what to do, You would like to see.

Best wishes for You and remember, no pain, no gain. Ride on !


-Piotr , your BurgerManiaq.