Warsaw burger – Bypass burger at Barn burger joint.

Bypass Barn burger in Warsaw

Hi everyone ! Looking for a Warsaw burger joint ? 😉

Today is another review in my culinary journey to Barn burger for the epic  Warsaw burger . Given the opportunity my, myself and I with my friends visited our friend at Warsaw. The capitol of Poland is a huge metropolitan area and there are couple of extreme cooking curiosities You can try out.

We did manage to find time and space at the Barn Burger joint and indulge into the Bypass burger.

The place

Place is pretty big. By the way, there are two restaurants. Serving the same things, looking very similar. Small details are the difference. Given the crowded city we barely found (but still !) place for 5 people.

Check this out here :  Barn burger – Warsaw burger joint photos. 

Place is cozy, music that was playing was old rock like Guns’n’Roses or Queen. Awesome stuff in my opinion. Loved it. Everything is in yellow-ish and orange-ish colors. Makes You feel warm and welcome inside.  Napkins on every table is a usuall comfort.

The staff

People friendly and helpful. Even at the rush hour they are able to provide some information. All ok on that side.

The menu

We got a lot of burgers to choose from, some are limited edition so You need to ask before.

THE BEST about the drinks was a huge selection of crafted beers in the two fridges. Seriously. Usually You just get the mainstream beers from one of biggest breweries in Poland, here it was different. You could enjoy a nice burger like the one with cranberries and drink a fresh crafted beer. On that point a big plus for the Warsaw Barn burger.

barn burger in warsaw all together burgery warszawa
Lok how big are those two mother…ers on the left 😉

The order

First You get a table and then You go get Your order. You order on the first receipt number Your friends get so all the other burgers will know that this is and order for that order / table. All the burgers came at the same time, very nice. You get a set of two dips, small coleslaw, fries and the burger on a nice wooden dish.

The Bypass. Epic Warsaw burger

Once upon a time i have heard about a Warsaw burger joint that is called Barn burger. They were serving something called Bypass burger, which name is from the bypass surgical operation when they insert a bypass veins next to the clogged ones. The clogg usually takes place from fat and bat diet. You veins are getting narrower.

So we did, challenge accepted. This is what this extreme burger consists of :

  • 2 X BURGER 200g
  •   double cheese
  • double bacon
  • braised onion
  • vegetables
  •  BBQ, sauce
  • salsa fresca
  • coleslaw
  • fries

P 20171118 152002 768x1024 - Warsaw burger - Bypass burger at Barn burger joint.barn burger warsaw burger2 1024x683 - Warsaw burger - Bypass burger at Barn burger joint.

  • Price :
  • Bypass burger – 35 PLN is around 8 euro.
  • Beer ~ 2-4 euro.

For around 10 euro You will have a big ass burger and some drink.

In my calculations it is around 1250 calories for that burger. You can always skip the bun 😉

Considering the amount of meat, quality and overall feeling i must say it was very nice and reasonably priced. This is after all in the center of the capitol. The meat was great, the cucumber were a thick layer on the whole patty. Not like in McD… cheesburgers where You get one slice of a pickle in the middle. Here they go All in with this one.

The regular burger

They were also very good. All the spices, mix of flavours and aromas worked wonders. Everyone were happy, girls ate as hell and were full 😉 We, guys, after the bypass burger were pretty much in a blissful state 😉 The beer added the last drop of pure joy.

barn burger warsaw burger3 1024x683 - Warsaw burger - Bypass burger at Barn burger joint.barn burger warsaw burgers burgery warszawa

Sum up – epic Warsaw burger?

Obiously it is epic enough 😉 Will have to test more of the burger joints in Warsaw to be sure. Keep in touch 😉

The Warsaw Barn burger joint and in particular the ByPass burger is somethig every fan of good eating should visit and get a chance to bite on. Probably the biggest Warsaw burger in the hole city ;). It was a very nice experience and the burger , as You can see is HUUUUGE. I recommend a visit the Barn Burger joint after walk through the city center and some sight seeing. It will be easier to eat and You will not feel that full 😉 It is after all, almost half a kilogram of beef 😉


barn burger warsaw burger joint burgery


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