Barbecue sauces review. Mississippi, Heinz, Encona.

Mississippi (No 1!), Heinz and Encona barbecue sauces review

I was just making bigger shopping in the city and decided to get some new things and the barbecue sauces review idea came to mind. The first part with some old stuff i bought and new things i got recently. Reminded me when i got the mississippi sauce.

mississippi hein bbq barbecue sauces encona

Mississippi sweet’n’spicy barbecue sauce

Golden medal, place number one !

It is actually very sweet and still spicy.  More sweet then spice but it does not matter. Awesome stuff i must say. Something totaly different for me. To the hard meat the sweet taste of the sauce works very well. I was suprised by this. In general i could recommend it to anyone. I mean any sweet sauce, You can get this one, or a different one. Doesn’t matter.  This bottle is quite big. A whole family grill will be a perfect time to dry the bottle 😉

You can use this as a glaze and marinate.

Heinz Chili barbecue sauce. Spicy & smoked

Third place.

This is more of a regular, market like, sauce for general purpose i would say.  The taste of sausages from the grill will be enriched with this if You like the smokey taste.  I can eat a bit of this but it didn’t really catch me by the heart, not like the Mississippi sauce 😉 Use it as a ketchup but with ease 😉 I used it even with regular toasts for breakfast or sandwiches, can make the difference between “Oh, a sandwich” and “Oh, a barbecue, grill like sandwich” 🙂

Encona taste explorers – Texan Chilli BBQ sauce

Seond place ! Silver.

It is medium as stated on the bottle. It is kinda sour in my opinion. Something like Louisiana tabasco. The consistency is nice, very deep and slowly moving. Not that easy to get it out  from the bottle 😉 You can use this as marinate. Encona has a lot of different flavours and tastes to choose from. And are pretty cheap, You can surely find Your favorite. You also do not need it a lot, it is very aromatic, will works great with more well done meat.

The summary

All the sauces can be used in different conditions. The one thought i want to leave You with is to try and taste new things, do new things, try other spices, flavours and experiment. Eventually You will know what do You not like or is crappy 😉

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