Weight loss tips and how to eat less. Pick Your favorite !

What are  best weight loss tips ?  Those are the general ways to loose weight and eating less. General tips, and hints for everyone.

But will it motivate You to take action ?

I know that given the amount of information out there it SUCKS REALLY HARD. To know anything and figure stuff out for Yourself. The points is to fail over and over again. A diet sucks, try different, workout sucks ? Change Your excercises and so on and so forth.

Perseverance and GRIT have to keep You up and You have to be motivated just for Yourself.

About loosing Your fat ass and etc just ask a child  and You will know.

The answer will be probably “Eat less”, “Don’t eat so much”, “Do not eat so often” Someone could say that it is THAT simple, buhahaha.

Yes , it IS THAT FUCKING EASY, to say …  but let us face it for now and discuss those,  nn the end You will have a sum up.

10 best weight loss tips and how to eat less

Without sugar fucking coding it :

  1. Get nutritious food.
  2. Discipline Yourself.
  3. Eating healthy helps You live longer.
  4. Get knowledge why junk food is bad.
  5. Get rid of stressors.
  6. Do stuff that You like/love
  7. Relax
  8. Workout !!

Get nutritious food

Get stuff that gives everything and all Your body needs. from a nutrious standpoint, when Your body will have everything it needs, You should not have cravings for anythings. Eat different studd, fancy stuff, do not stick to just white bread (which is poor in nutrients), cheese as main source of fats or some meat as main source of proteins. Mix spices, mix tastes, always try new stuff.

Discipline Yourself.

I know… Easier said then done. But if You, like me, have a desk job it is kinda hard to keep super fit without the genes. Working out regularly requires discipline, eating healthy also, not shitty food, also. I mean, generally every fucking thing You do, requires more or less discipline.

Eating healthy helps You live longer.

Can You remember when You ate something and You feel energized, full of energy, power and motivation ? Keep eating this shit !! If You are not aware of what it is … Well… You need to figure this one out on Your own. I can only suggest trying different foods. Maybe You lack in magnesium and getting more of it will make You feel a lot better. Just  try.

Try Intermittent Fasting for example..

10 best weight loss tips

Get knowledge why junk food is bad.

You body do not really like having to handle all the sugar, insuline or trans fats. Won’t You agree when You feel only a little bit better after eating some sweets. Later You feel worse ? The perfect example is alcohol and a hangover if You overdose.

Get rid of stressors.

Now let us check general weight loss tips. Didn’t You feel like checking the fridge cause You feel stressed. Salty food is known for “relieving” this feeling, of anxiety. It is temporary and not the most healthy of ways. Try training instead. Also emotional eating is a problem, depends on how much You eat. There are other ways. Try them. It will suck, it will be hard but IT IS WORTH IT !!

Do stuff that You like. Hobby or something.

So You can focus that much that You just forget to eat. Doing stuff that matters for You, will make You question eating cause there are better things to do. At least i do think like that. I Would prefer doing other stuff but sometimes UNFORTUNETLY i just move my ass to the fridge cause i need a break. Sooo… find a healthy snack to not over eat in those moments.

When You are NOT bored, You do not check the fridge. For example when i am writing this i really do not give a fuckity fuck about anything else. I am focused, i do not care for food and probably will go straight to bed afterwards. If You do not have much spare time You do not eat 😉

Keep calm and Relax

Figure out a relaxation technique that works for You, be mindfull, just present in the moment. Try to get rid of autopilot, I know, it is hard. Meditation can work, try the next point, even at Your home.

Try some healthy juice like red tea, green or white tea, lemon water or others. I will do a review of those.

ways to lose weight

Workout !

Best of all weight loss tips. Personally i am not feeling very hungry after working out. Maybe some time after but I do feel tired though, by the way, working out helps me with my cold feet problem in my case. Helps with blood flow. Workout also gives You the focus You need to keep up the good work. Just concentrate next time on how productive You are after a training and have narrow focus on Your goals.

Great feelings. In my example, properly started Saturday, with workout at 8 AM works wonders for my whole day.

Just start with simple squats, push ups or jumping jacks in Your bedroom, living room or where You have space. A fast walk around the neighbourhood also will work. Before You start lifting full time.

ProTip – You can do this while watching Your favorite series.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy foodHippocrates

Try ANYTHING, because You have ANYTHING to loose ?

Those weight loss tips are general so anyone can try anything, even You. Just pick one of them.

Try one of the recipes for a burgers, they are not a 1 in ALL solution, depends of course on how will You do them but they really help. My favorite is the Nut Burger, very nutritious because of the nuts. An i personally need magnesium, so that works for me. Try the yellow one with raw onions and pepper, pepper has A LOT of vitamin C.

For the end, BE MINDFUL.

You need a REASON, know WHY are You doing it.

Have some IDEA, think about HOW will You do it.

Execute a PLAN, know WHAT are You doing.

I am aware it is hard as hell. Remember that READING IS SHIT, EXPERIENCE IS GOLDEN.

Remember that YOU WILL SUCK, but do not give up. When You will train and You will have “newbie gains” it will feel awesome. You will develop strength and muscle faster then pro athletes cause You are starting Your journey. Also You will very rapidly start to feel very different. Better nutrition with a more mindfull approach and good habits and knowledge to use. It can be exciting or just uncomfortable. Think about the first one and try any of those weight loss tips, even single one.

Go on, do Your best, and make the most of it !


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